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Loan Types

Do you know what kind of loan you need?

There are literally loans available for just about everything. Loans for those with the best credit, loans for  those with blemished credit and everyone in between. Finding the right loan usually is easiest when you have specific needs. It can be very helpful to talk to a Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Loan Officer to discuss your needs and the best possible loan as a solution for them. The loan type available to you is generally determined by your credit.

The problem for most is finding someone who has an in depth knowledge base of the different investors and loan types available to them. Many lenders have what is called "Niche Products". These are loans that have a unique criteria for certain circumstance. The "125% Loan" is one of these types. Not all lenders offer this.


Below is a list of many of the loan types and a link to a generalized description on them.

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