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Do you know what kind of credit you have?


Credit Type : In a Nut Shell


There are basically two methods for credit analysis.

There are two basic ways in determining credit. The first is by what is know as "Fico or Beacon Score". This is a score that measures the relative degree of risk that  you the borrower) represents  to a lender. It is calculated by the credit bureau agency based on the information the agency has    in your file. Some lenders will use this number alone in determining your credit grade or type.

The second method is simply by counting the number of delinquent payments you may have had within a specified number of months. This can range anywhere between today and as long as ten years ago.

Displayed below are both types and the criteria or score that determine where you fall. These may differ from lender to lender and are general guidelines. Contact one of our Loan Officers for more information.



Beacon Method

Scores of 620 and higher are A+ to A credit

Scores of 575 - 619 are A- to B credit

Scores of 525 - 574 are B- to C credit

Scores below 525 are C- to D credit


Credit Matrix Method



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