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Policy Statement  & Disclaimer


Approved Mortgage Center's  procedure for handling customer information has been designed with the highest level of customer privacy in mind. With the evolution of internet technologies, this is an increasingly difficult task. We utilize secure networks, and use the latest and most up to date encryption and security measures for our customers. It is our goal to insure the protection of our customers information.

Techniques of doing business change and evolve at times to the extent that we cannot always guarantee all information.   We continually upgrade to the most dependable and latest protection technologies that are available. Much if not all of the information we provide does change at a reasonably frequent rate and is updated by lending institutions and government agencies.  We cannot guarantee the information is current and  correct.

As the industry standard, we do use cookies that store small bits of customer information. This information is then used for internal database tracking so that we may provide you, our customers,  and sponsors valuable information about use and sales through our network. From time to time, this information may be provided, with permission, to outside vendors.

We use various contracts and disclosures in the normal course of doing business. These contracts more fully explain our agreement with you depending on what business line you are dealing with.
We assume no responsibility or liability for information provided or simply passing through our network. We assume no liability or responsibility for information being stored by us without knowledge of its content.

In compliance with the online Child Protection Act, we cannot endorse the following vendors or their services but provide the following as information for you our customers.
Cyber Sitter at www.soildoak.com and www.netnanny.com. At the Approved Mortgage Center, we always strive to conduct our business with a high level of integrity.

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